Wind Energy Solar Energy & Other Energy Recources

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There are many types of energy, light, kinetic (movement), heat, sound, gravitational, chemical, strain and electrical. Everything we do is using a type of energy. When we sit still on a chair we use gravitational energy. Sometimes we never realise we are using energy, but we are still using it. We never tend to use light but we can make it happen. We can switch on a light or start a fire which creates energy. Whenever we move we use kinetic movement, even if you just move slightly. We are always giving off heat, when we speak or sometimes when we move we make a sound. We are made out of chemicals so anything we do is using chemical energy

Here are some energy facts: 

  • Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe.
  • We use energy to do work.
  • Energy lights our cities.
  • Energy powers our vehicles, trains, planes and rockets.
  • Energy warms our homes, cooks our food, plays our music, gives us pictures on television.
  • Energy powers machinery in factories and tractors on a farm.
  • Energy from the sun gives us light during the day. It dries our clothes when theyre hanging outside on a clothes line. It helps plants grow.
  • Energy stored in plants is eaten by animals, giving them energy. And predator animals eat their prey, which gives the predator animal energy.
  • Renewable and Non-renewable energy 
    Energy resources can be described as renewable and non-renewable. Renewable energy sources are those which are continually being replaced such as energy from the sun (solar) and wind. If an energy resource is being used faster than it can be replaced (for example, coal takes millions of years to form) then it will eventually run out. This is called a non-renewable energy source. 

    These are the main types of renewable energy

  • Hydroelectric Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
    Solar energy is light and heat energy from the sun. Solar cells convert sunlight into electrical energy. Moving air turns the blades of large windmills or generators to make electricity, or to pump water out of the ground. A high wind speed is needed to power the wind generators effectively. While wind generators dont produce any greenhouse gas emissions they may cause vibrations, noise and visual pollution. They do not cause air pollution and are environmentally friendly. If a dam or barrage is built across a river mouth or inlet, electricity can be obtained by the flow of water through turbines in the dam as the tide rises and falls. The movement of waves can also drive air turbines to make electricity. Although tidal and wave energy dont produce pollution, they can cause other environmental problems. Biomass is plant and animal material that can be used for energy. It uses waste materials that is usually dumped and can generate that waste into electricity, light, heat, motion and fuel. Fast- flowing water released from dams in mountainous areas can turn water turbines to produce Hydroelectric electricity. It does not cause pollution however there are many other environmental impacts. Geothermal energy uses heat energy from beneath the surface of the earth. Some of this heat finds its way to the surface in the form of hot springs or geysers. Other schemes tap the heat energy by pumping water through hot dry rocks several kilometres beneath the earths surface. Geothermal energy is used for the generation of electricity and for space and water heating in a small number of countries. 

    Non-renewable energy 

    Coal is a fossil fuel formed over millions of years from decomposing plants. Petroleum, or crude oil is formed in a similar way to coal. But instead of becoming a rock, it became a liquid trpped between layers of rock. Gas is made in the same way as pertroleum and its also trapped between layers of rock. Natural gas is tapped, compressed and piped into homes to be used in stoves and hot water systems. Nucelar Energy is a supply source that gives us electricity in our homes. It powers TV, computers, kettles and lots more. However it is very bad for the environment and anyone who comes into contact with it. If any accidents happen it could cause alot of damage.


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