A little bit of information about the PC serial port

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A little bit of information about the PC serial port

From: helge at siemens.co.at (Helge-Wernhard Suess)
Newsgroups: comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.misc
Subject: Re: Question about serial ports
Date: 12 Sep 1995 11:32:18 GMT
Organization: Siemens AG Austria
Lines: 26

In <3253010398.350698279@ett.se>, <H.Olsen at ett.se> (Hakan Olsen) writes:

>I am writing a program that does some commmunication via modem. My problem is
>that I have not found any functions to initialize or communicate with the
>serial ports on a PC. Are there any libraries containing useful functions for
>serial communication? I would prefere if the libraries were for standard C
>as I am not very familiar with C++.
>I am using Borland C/C++ 4.0
>Any help would be much appreciated!

Look up the OpenComm(), CloseComm(), WriteComm(), ReadComm() etc.
in your SDK helpfile. For a more elaborate communication (X, Y, Z-Modem)
you should get (buy) a communication library supporting some of the
common protocols.

Helge ;-)=)

(c) All Thoughts are Mine — Genuine Genius
helge at siemens.co.at —– VIENNA — AUSTRIA
Subject: Re: ADB Physical Specs
From: st93urnu at post.drexel.edu (Aaron D. Marasco)
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 17:24:21 -0500

In article <31233605.5C70@gtri.gatech.edu>, Bryan Dunn
<bryan.dunn at gtri.gatech.edu> wrote:

>Hello all!

>Im designing some hardware that will use the ADB interface. Can anyone
>suggest a good reference (on the net or in print) that describes ADB in
>Thanks in advance!

“Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware: Second Edition”

Tells everything about the Macs up to the IIfx, including ADB, and a
standard is a standard, so it shouldnt have changed (however, this *IS*
Apple were talking about!)

Anyway, it is a book I have for a school class, so I have all the info:

$26.95 US, $34.95 CAN


ISBN 0-201-52405-8

I havent checked any of the online bookstores, you might get it cheaper!
Also, its a paperback, to letcha know.

_Inside AppleTalk, Second Edition_

notes from _Inside AppleTalk, Second Edition_ by Sidhu, Andrews, Oppenheimer[1]. and from AMDs _Analog and Communications Products 1983 Data Book_[2]. and Apple _Macintosh Family Hardware Reference_ (1988) [3]. LocalTalk uses Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) frame format and a frequency modulation technique called FM-0. Each bit cell (nominally 4.34 usec -> nominal 230.4 Kbit/sec). differential, balanced voltage signaling over a maximum distance of 300 meters. … transformer provides ground isolation as well as protection from static discharge. “In the preferred hardware implementation of LocalTalk, a Zilog 8530 Serial Communications Controller (SCC) is used.” [1] The classic Macs and the Mac SE [3] both use the 8530 SCC, a 26LS30 differential transmitter, a 26LS32 differential receiver, and a fistfull of RFI filters. The Mac II replaces the 26LS32 with a 75175 differential receiver. (I have no info on other macs) (the Maxim MAX216 Low-Power AppleTalk Interface Transceiver looks interesting). The SCC is clocked at 3.672 MHz hooked to /RTxCa, /RTxCb, and PCLK. on classic, Mac SE, and Mac II. (Mac SE and Mac II has software switching of /RTxCa to the GPiA pin).[3] “dont access the SCC chip more often than once every 2.2 us. … on the Mac SE [and the Mac II] it is not neccessary to do so because [other circuits ensure the proper delay]”[3] “the transmitter and receiver hardware for LocalTalk is built into every Macintosh and AppleIIGS computer, …. and many peripheral devices …” “If you are designing your own AppleTalk hardware from scratch, it is easiest to use a 3.6864 MHz oscillator and a Z8530. This has been tested and works just fine.” [HW 545 – Serial I/O Port Q&As – Technical Notes – Developer Support ] “LocalTalk hardware can detect a flag byte, the distinctive bit sequence 01111110 ($7E).” [1], but i cant find any reference to this capability in [2]. Well, the hardware guys have done it again. Theyre making this gizmo that theyre hooking to the Mac serial port. They say it communicates “like a synchronous modem”. They want it to go at least 500Kbits/sec. “see that Z85C30 on the Mac motherboard there ? the databooks say it can go at 10MHz … cancha just poke the right values into it? dissassemble the Mac ROMs and figure out how Apple did it ? … But of course we want the thing to work plugged into the serial port of *any* Macintosh, including the 1996 models.” I know it can be done; the hardware guys had LapLink for Mac running on 2 Macs (homebuilt cable between them) “See that Oscope ? theyre pumping 750KHz into the HSKi input … LapLink just transferred a megabyte file at rougly 70KB/s.”


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A-301 High Voltage Amplifier/ Piezo Driver and Modulator2

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